Time Gone By – Part 3 – Science Fiction

This is a work of fiction. The car was quiet as I drove out of the city half an hour later. At first, the boys had talked a little, but that had petered out after about fifteen minutes. I guessed they were all too full from breakfast. Suddenly, Lydia let out a small cry. “WhatContinue reading “Time Gone By – Part 3 – Science Fiction”

Words – Haiku

Words live in our minds, We add new ones throughout life, Faithful friends always.

Haiku – July 27

Pieces of our lives, Are glued together in ways, That make new stories.

Short Fiction Sunday – Time Gone By – Science Fiction

A grandma. Four kids. They’re all going camping this summer, sometimes they don’t get along, and they might be called upon to help stop something terrible — if there’s time. Part 1 of Time Gone By was posted on July 3, and a new part will go up every second Friday.

Some Changes to my Weekly Blogging Schedule

As of Saturday, August 1, I’m changing up what I post each day. Please refer to my Accountability page for more information. I’m also thinking about redesigning my Home page. For now, it’s my Books page, and this Blog can be found in the navigation menu.


I was working on a book and wrote the word “tombstone.” Then I started to wonder why “tomb” rhymes with “gloom” and doesn’t sound like “Tom.” According to Wiktionary, “tomb” was borrowed from Old French into Middle English, and since I understand neither Middle English spelling nor pronunciation, I don’t know why the o, butContinue reading “Tomb”

A Letter to Books

Dear Books, During the last ten or so years, I’ve been hearing people say that printed books are on the decline, due to the rise of eBooks. I don’t think the trend has continued as fast as initially predicted, and I think that some printed books will always be produced. I don’t believe it whenContinue reading “A Letter to Books”

Haiku – July 20

Snowflakes flutter down, Flung indiscriminately, By God’s loving hands.

Hyacinth Grey’s Books for Young Readers

I’m working on children’s books, and I’ve created a second website for them. Please visit Hyacinth Grey’s Books for Young Readers (www.hgb4yr.com) for details.


Somebody used the word “tiny” in a tweet, and it sparked this post. Interestingly, the word “tiny” may relate to the tines of a fork. They are quite small, although I personally wouldn’t call them tiny. I read the definition of “tine,” and discovered, to my surprise, that it can be used as an adjective,Continue reading “Tiny”

A Letter to COVID-19

To the virus: I don’t like you. After thinking about you for a few minutes, I’ve realized that when it comes down to facts, you’re neither good nor evil. I want to hate you, to despise you, and to destroy you with the depth of my dislike for you. You’ve made a great many peopleContinue reading “A Letter to COVID-19”

Haiku – July 13

Over the mountains, An ocean lies waiting for, You to explore it.

Short Fiction Sunday – The Choice

Rita is offered a choice: either stay in the job she hates, or take a chance. The Choice was the first piece of short fiction that I published on this blog. Check it out, and find out what Rita chooses… and the consequences of that choice.

Looking Forward to November

I’m very excited about NaNoWriMo this year. Please check out this post to learn why. If you’ve read it before, you’ll notice it’s been updated.

Two Previous Writing Advice Posts

Due to illness (not COVID-19), much of what I post this week will be previous content. I had a lot of fun with How to Overcome the Fear of Plotholes in Your Fiction, and A Couple of Great Reasons to Write Fiction. I hope to be back next week with new stuff.

Haiku – July 6

Let’s help each other, Encouragement means a lot, As we live our lives.

A Letter to FriesenPress

🇨🇦 Dear FriesenPress, Happy Canada Day! You are my favorite self-publishing company ever, and thanks to being able to work with your great team, I have a 294-page reason to celebrate year round! I look forward to publishing more books with you. Yours truly, Hyacinth Grey