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  • What is my free fiction about?

    I’ve been talking a lot about free fiction lately, but I’ve neglected to write “About the Story” blurbs for most of the pieces I’ve posted. To correct that oversight, here they are. Once you find one you like the sound of, click the link above to be taken to the page with links to all…

  • Fun with Free Fiction

    Back in April, I launched free short fiction on this site with The Choice. That piece was short, but over the months since, I’ve started writing longer pieces. Both finished stories and pieces in progress can be found on my Fiction page. As of this writing, the story called Lockdown has almost come to an…

  • Tomb – Revisited

    On July 23, I wrote this post about the word “tomb.” At the end of it, I used the phrase “rest in peace,” which reminded me of my favorite Edgar Allan Poe story — The Cask of Amontillado.

  • Revisiting why I Write

    On April 12, I wrote this post about why I write. It’s been a long time since then, and while I was rereading it, I noticed a mistake and an opportunity. The mistake was easily rectified: I wrote “words” instead of “worlds.” No biggie. The opportunity is also easy to take, so here it is:…

  • Looking back at Letters

    I’ve stopped writing letters as a regular feature, but I had a lot of fun with them. Here is the letters category page. I’ve been sitting here trying to think which letter is my favorite. For seriousness and sort of philosophy, it’s definitely the one to the Pacific Ocean. I’ve had to pick three “other”…

  • Wounded Bride is Available Now in Hardcover – clicking or tapping the image takes you to the Wounded Bride page where you can select a retailer to get your copy today!

  • Thinking about NaNoWriMo 2020

    On June 20, I wrote this post about what I’ll be doing this November. I have a little bit more to tell you about the novel I plan to write. It’s going to be about a married couple. She writes books. He’s not happy for some reason and wants a divorce. She’s a private person,…

  • Get the eBook of Wounded Bride Today!

    The best place to get Wounded Bride in eBook format is from the FriesenPress Online Bookstore. Why? You get three different formats with one purchase. EPUB – almost every eReader and app can read EPUB files. Mobi – this format is for Kindle devices and apps. PDF – this filetype can be opened on most…

  • Some Changes to my Weekly Blogging Schedule

    As of Saturday, August 1, I’m changing up what I post each day. Please refer to my Accountability page for more information. I’m also thinking about redesigning my Home page. For now, it’s my Books page, and this Blog can be found in the navigation menu.

  • Looking Forward to November

    I’m very excited about NaNoWriMo this year. Please check out this post to learn why. If you’ve read it before, you’ll notice it’s been updated.

  • All Haiku

    I have so much fun, Writing haikus for this blog, Category page.

  • Why I Love to Write Letters

    Every Wednesday for a while now, I’ve been writing letters. Here’s why: it’s fun. I took the everyday inspiration course from Blogging University, and one of the suggested tasks was to write a letter as a blog post. I did so and then got hooked. Most are humorous, some are serious, and some are both,…

  • What happens when the gods are angry but a man cannot leave behind what he treasures most? – The Dark Tide – fantasy fiction

    The Dark Tide – Part 1

  • What Would You Choose? staying in a job you hated or… facing the unknown – The Choice (short fiction)

    It’s Saturday night, and Rita is offered a choice: either stay in the job she hates but be able to pay the bills, or reply to Matt’s e-mail… The Choice Short story previously published in six parts on this blog, and when it was finished, I put it together on a page for your convenience.

  • Books for Young Readers

    I’ve always loved stories, and I want to share that passion with readers of all ages. Therefore, I’m working on some books for young readers (they’re also meant to be enjoyed by adults!) Please visit Hyacinth Grey’s Books for Young Readers ( to learn more about what’s coming later this year or early in 2021.

  • Remembering Accountability

    When I first heard the suggestion to add a page about what I was working on, I scoffed at the idea. I mean, what if I didn’t do what I said, and then all my readers waved goodbye and walked out the door, never to revisit my blog or consider buying my book? I don’t…

  • Previous Post Saturday

    Today, I’d like to introduce you to a new weekly feature – Previous Post Saturday. I’m going to use this space to resurrect posts from my archives and point you to pages and other content on my websites that I’d like to show you. Because this is the first one, I got to thinking about…