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  • Love – Haiku

    Where can we find it? Who knows how to keep it fresh? And just what it is?

  • From the Archives: all my Haiku Poetry

    Short and sweet, strange, or philosophical.

  • All my Haiku poetry

    I don’t have anything new to post today. Please check out my fairly large collection of haiku poetry.

  • Some Testing Going On

    I’ve been having a few issues with the publish dates of my blog posts, so WordPress Support is going to help me figure it all out. Therefore, you may see some test posts in the next few days. Please ignore them, because I’m going to delete all posts about testing except this one.

  • So Fast

    My site maintenanace went so fast, all the domain stuff seems to be working. The content updates aren’t yet complete, but there shouldn’t be any disruptions.

  • Site Maintenance

    I’m figuring out some things with domains and my website content. My site will probably act weird for a few days, but the blog shouldn’t be affected. Please continue to visit my site during this time but it may not work as expected.

  • Welcome

    Welcome to my blog! My name is Hyacinth Grey, and this blog is about writing, becoming an author, and promoting my books. I’m working with to publish my first book, a thriller called Wounded Bride. Please visit my website for more details. There is also a Teaser Trailer on YouTube which can…

  • The Journey Begins

    Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton