November 2020

On November 1, I’m going to start the NaNoWriMo challenge once again — to write a novel in thirty days.

What kind of novel? A romance.

How long will it be? At least 50,000 words.

What will you do with it? Each day, I’ll post it on my blog for you to read.

Will there be typos? You bet. I won’t have much time to revise.

Could there be plotholes? I hope not, but it is possible.

If I notice a plothole, I’ll mention it in the next day’s post and make a note to fix it when I revise, but I won’t update any of the posts.

What will you do with it after December 1? I’ll set it aside until December 1, 2021, and then revise it and probably turn it into a free eBook.

What’s the story about?

A couple in their thirties is struggling to maintain a happy marriage.

He’s not happy with the marriage. He gets annoyed, she tunes him out, and goes back to writing her books.

He’s going to give her one more chance and then file for divorce.

She gets offered the opportunity to do a radio show. He misinterprets her excitement as her having an affair. He drops the plan to give her another chance.

This divorce is going to be very public, and she’s not going to like it — not one bit.