Tag: accountability

  • Cleaning Up My Website

    You may have noticed that my Free Fiction Page is incomplete, and also that I’ve started linking stories on my Home page. I’m planning to clean everything up and have all my free fiction listed on both pages. I’m just working on how to do that so it’s easy to find stories without having a…

  • Some Changes to my Weekly Blogging Schedule

    As of Saturday, August 1, I’m changing up what I post each day. Please refer to my Accountability page for more information. I’m also thinking about redesigning my Home page. For now, it’s my Books page, and this Blog can be found in the navigation menu.

  • Remembering Accountability

    When I first heard the suggestion to add a page about what I was working on, I scoffed at the idea. I mean, what if I didn’t do what I said, and then all my readers waved goodbye and walked out the door, never to revisit my blog or consider buying my book? I don’t…