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  • An Interview with Detective Maria Mateo and a New Lower Price for Wounded Bride

    An Interview with Detective Maria Mateo and a New Lower Price for Wounded Bride

    My first novel, Wounded Bride, was published two years ago today! “Mateo.” A shudder ripples through me. It’s strange to be talking to the fictional detective that I’ve created. “Hi, um, it’s Hyacinth Grey.” There’s a pause. Is she going to hang up on me or will she meet me for an interview? “You’re Hyacinth…

  • Wounded Bride – get your copy today

    For a hard-boiled, fast-paced detective novel, purchase a copy of Wounded Bride. With it in hand, you’ll be entertained for a while, so if it’s raining this weekend, you won’t be bored. Once you’ve finished “Wounded Bride,” please leave an honest review through any app or reading website.

  • Two Sample Chapters from my detective novel Wounded Bride

    Wounded Bride is the first book in a hard-boiled detective series. I’d like to share the first two chapters with you. Chapter 1 Saturday, March 17 5:00 a.m. Maria Mateo woke from a sound sleep and fumbled for the ringing phone. Her heart pounding, she answered, “Mateo.” “Did I wake you?” came the voice of…

  • Wounded Bride is a nice summer read

    Need a thriller? Get Wounded Bride now! Available in eBook, Hardcover, and Paperback for your summer reading needs. Read it on your deck, unwind before bed, or curl up with it on a rainy day. Wounded Bride is a fast-paced, hard-boiled detective novel, and there’s nothing like it after a long day of work when…

  • A Story Idea

    Well, the Force was certainly with me yesterday. It seems to have given me an idea for a story. The title will be Fill ‘er with Premium, and the story will feature Maria Mateo, the lead detective in my novel, Wounded Bride. How much will it cost? Unlike the novel, the story will be free.…

  • Haiku – January 22

    Tomorrow it will, Be one year since FriesenPress, Published Wounded Bride.

  • 3 Reasons to Buy a Copy of Wounded Bride today

    Don’t need a reason to buy books? Go directly to the Wounded Bride page. 3. Wounded Bride is my first book. Buying it and taking a chance might be a little like how you cheer for a rookie player on your favorite sports team. 2. It’s a hard-boiled detective, police procedural thriller, so you can…

  • Wounded Bride – Teaser Trailer

    It’s a nice day here, and I don’t want to be on the computer writing for too long, so I thought I’d share the Teaser Video for Wounded Bride. Wounded Bride – Teaser Video Remember, if you subscribe to my YouTube Channel, you’ll be the first to see new book covers and read some of…

  • Need a Thriller? check out Wounded Bride

    Wounded Bride is my first book and was self-published with FriesenPress in January 2020. Check out the info and get your copy today! About the Book The city of Chicago is relentless. Murders and other violent crimes pile up: a woman lies in the hospital in a coma, a man is brutally attacked in his…

  • Starting Sunflower Saturday

    shallow focus photography of yellow sunflower field under sunny sky Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on Pexels.com What’s Sunflower Saturday? It’s like any other Saturday, but with a cool, silly name. What will you post? Sometimes a previous post like I’ve been doing, but I’m pretty much making another Change-it-up-Tuesday. Will it ever have anything to…

  • Detective – Haiku

    The one-word prompt was “detective.” Who is the killer? Who’s taken the life of one, Before time itself. Into the unknown, Asking questions of those left, To find the killer. The truth is out there, The detective must find it, Before it decays.

  • Wounded Bride Availble Now in Paperback

  • Wounded Bride is Available Now in Hardcover – clicking or tapping the image takes you to the Wounded Bride page where you can select a retailer to get your copy today!

  • Get the eBook of Wounded Bride Today!

    The best place to get Wounded Bride in eBook format is from the FriesenPress Online Bookstore. Why? You get three different formats with one purchase. EPUB – almost every eReader and app can read EPUB files. Mobi – this format is for Kindle devices and apps. PDF – this filetype can be opened on most…

  • Get your copy of Wounded Bride

    Detective Maria Mateo is new to the Chicago Police Department. Wounded Bride is available now. Get your copy today. From somewhere inside the book: There hadn’t been any point in eating. She was out of the job she loved, so why bother?