A Haiku from the Archives – July 13, 2020

Over the mountains, An ocean lies waiting for, You to explore it.

Freedom – Haiku

There are those who say, We have the right not to wear, Masks if we so choose. Dictators once ruled, Neighbors denouncing neighbors, Hitler Stalin Mao. But Americans, Are free to love and to care, Use that freedom well.

Haiku about Fire

Flames crackle and burn, Keeping us warm in winter, Yet they can kill us.

Haiku – October 26

The soft earth opens, Dark and fertile giving life, To the seeds of hope. This is the last poem I’ll post until after NaNoWriMo.

Food – Haiku

We all need to eat, Experts tell us what is best, Who knows your body?

Shopping List – Revisited

Back in June, I wrote a haiku consisting entirely of emojis. It was fun to do this shopping list, and today, I have another one for you, although of a different type. 🔋 💡 🔦 🕯 🔌 📷 🖨 ☎️ 📺 📻 ⏰ ⌚️ 🔭 🔨 🧯 🔧 🔬

Detective – Haiku

The one-word prompt was “detective.” Who is the killer? Who’s taken the life of one, Before time itself. Into the unknown, Asking questions of those left, To find the killer. The truth is out there, The detective must find it, Before it decays.

Name – Haiku

We all must have one, Or we would not know ourselves, Nameless forgotten.

Haiku – August 31

Kids play in sunshine, Laughter friendship happiness, Outlives all of us.

Looking back at Letters

I’ve stopped writing letters as a regular feature, but I had a lot of fun with them. Here is the letters category page. I’ve been sitting here trying to think which letter is my favorite. For seriousness and sort of philosophy, it’s definitely the one to the Pacific Ocean. I’ve had to pick three “other”Continue reading “Looking back at Letters”


I’ve been rereading Harry Potter recently, and the word “dungeon” occurs rather frequently. They’re dark and fearsome, but what is a dungeon, exactly? I mean, I’ve never actually been in one. I’m working on a book called “Written in Stone,” a fantasy romance, which involves a dungeon or two, so the word’s going to comeContinue reading “Dungeon”

Second – Haiku

The one-word prompt was “second.” I am not the first, I do not live long at all, I get the last word.

Haiku – August 10

Warm sun and cool breeze, Children laugh somewhere nearby, A beautiful day.

Air – Haiku

Prompt: Air. Take in a deep breath, The people who’ve lived before, Have shared it with you.

Haiku – August 3

Chill wind blows over, The high craggy mountain top, Wish I could feel it.

Words – Haiku

Words live in our minds, We add new ones throughout life, Faithful friends always.

Haiku – July 27

Pieces of our lives, Are glued together in ways, That make new stories.

Haiku – July 20

Snowflakes flutter down, Flung indiscriminately, By God’s loving hands.

Haiku – July 13

Over the mountains, An ocean lies waiting for, You to explore it.

Haiku – July 6

Let’s help each other, Encouragement means a lot, As we live our lives.

All Haiku

I have so much fun, Writing haikus for this blog, Category page.

Ramshackle – Haiku

Somebody used the word “ramshackle” on Twitter. It’s a fun word, in spite of its not so fun meaning, so here’s a ramshackle haiku. The roof leaks badly, It’s freezing cold in winter, But I was born there.

A Letter to Summer – Haiku

Dear Summer, Spring is just too wet, Fall is nice but it’s not you, Winter is too cold. Yours truly, Hyacinth Grey

Haiku – June 22

The kitchen fills with, Wonderful scents of spices, Holiday season.

Clock – Haiku

Tick tick tick tick tick, Students in classrooms waiting, For the bell to ring.

House – Haiku

The writing prompt for this haiku was the first word that popped into my head: “house.” The outside’s not much, Walls and windows roof and doors, The inside is home.

Haiku – June 8

I’ve been reading A Brief History of Japan by Jonathan Clements, which contains vivid descriptions of the armadas sent by Kublai Khan to attack Japan. This haiku is written from the perspective of an “observer” floating in the sea. A hail of arrows, Sounds of wind and war cries fierce, Hot blood meets cold sea.

A Letter to Time – Haiku

Dear Time, If you were my dad, I would never once be late, Also not human. Yours truly, Hyacinth Grey

Haiku – June 1

Dancer in silk robes, Infused with the rising sun, Inspiration tea.


I post a haiku on Mondays, but I can never have too many and I like starting them with writing prompts. Prompt (first word that popped into my head): find A computer screen, The mind wishing to know things, Hands on the keyboard.

Haiku – May 25

Blue all around me, Oxygen tank on my back, The ocean is warm.

Haiku – May 18

Abandoned buildings, Dusty gray and sky the same, Black mud underfoot.

Haiku – May 11

The world upside down, Testimony of outlaws, Painted on tombstones.