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  • Update: What Does “The Indie Way” Mean?

    In January 2021, I published a post about part of my tagline: the Indie way. It is still the only way for me, and I wanted to share this post from the archives, but when I reread it, I realized it needed to be updated. Here you go! When I first started blogging, I didn’t […]

  • Ruth – Part 3

    This is a work of fiction. Chapter 3 My day wasn’t over. I played and swam until nearly six. I was starving, and didn’t feel like having to drive home first. I went to my car to get some of the leftover salad, but there wasn’t any. Oops. I must have given it all to […]

  • Who I am, What I Do, and Where to Find Me

    Hi. I’m Hyacinth Grey, and here’s my About the Author page. A lot has changed since that was written for my book, Wounded Bride, so I’d like to add to it. I think the quickest way is to show you my Accountability page. There, I sketch out what I’m working on and what I’m planning. […]