Everything – Haiku

Everything makes sense, In the light of a clear day, Surrounded by love.

Bird – Haiku

Buffeted by wind, Bringing its song to the world, Better days below.

Haiku – July 22

Now it’s time to rest, When important work is done, With a clear conscience.

Haiku – July 18

As soon as life starts, Time begins its relentless, Read to the ending.

Haiku – July 17

Sometimes in the night, I hear your voice and I think, That’s what love sounds like.

Haiku – July 14

When I die I’ll leave, The world as all enter it, Loving humankind. I will not give in, And allow hatred to steal, My humanity. I will write stories, And leave them ever after, To those who’ll read them.

Haiku – July 11

Sometimes when we lose, Unexpectedly we find, That in truth we’ve won.

Haiku – July 9

When life won’t be still, Take it as a sign that you, Must go where it goes.

Yellow – Haiku

With yellow I can, Draw the sun and happiness, Far from cowardly.

Haiku – July 6

When I hear the sea, I feel that all things ancient, Are nearer to me.

Haiku – July 5

When we meet the one, Who will love us from now on, Will we know it then?

Haiku – July 3

Write the story now, While it’s fresh in mind and heart, Or leave to simmer.

Haiku – July 2

The first draft is done, Now hard work truly begins, I must revise it.

Haiku – July 1

Honey at sunrise, Sweetness and light all in one, Make the breath of dawn.

Grief – Haiku

Grief is like a sound, In the heart that never dies, ‘Till death stops the beat.

Haiku – June 26

I don’t usually need to do this for haikus, but this one requires it to be said that it is fiction. Upon her she feels, The chills of fever rising, And knows this is war.

Haiku – June 22

Now I’m looking up, See a rainbow in the sky, All our hope and love.

A Letter to Haiku

Dear Haiku, You are pretty cool, And people like you a lot, ‘Cause you’re quick to read. Not too long to write, Lots of meaning in each word, Syllables must count. When I think of you, It’s with greatest affection, Because you help me. Not only to gain, More traffic to my website, But toContinue reading “A Letter to Haiku”

Fantasy – Haiku

If their world were real, Then the characters might say, Come and join us here.

Haiku – June 14

In moonlight we walked, You took my hand and told me, How much you loved me.

Haiku – June 13

The greatest gift is, Sitting and sharing stories, With someone you love.

Haiku – June 8

Write just the first line, Then continue the process, To the bitter end.

Haiku – June 7

Water flowing swift, Takes me where it wants to lead, To a better me.

Stars – Haiku

Stars pin-point the sky, Like characters in a book, We haven’t read yet.

Haiku – June 3

When the moon shines bright, And night is still all around, Hope and goodness rise.

Haiku – June 2

Singing in the trees, Laughter from the ground below, Carefree things we miss.

Haiku – June 1

Time’s not on my side, When I try to do what I, Want to accomplish.

Haiku – I Love to Write, but…

When I’m deep in words, Hours can go by without, My being aware. Is it kind of sad? That life can go by so fast, While we write of it.

Goodnight – Haiku

Here’s your pillow soft, And your bed in darkness lies, See you at first light.

Haiku – May 22

Sudden change might be, Scary but it also brings, Opportunity.

Haiku – May 19

When it’s time to go, And the sunset’s beautiful, Gladly head for home.

Haiku – May 16

With that sense of right, Save and then flick out the light, Story has been told.

Haiku – May 11

An idea is born, If it doesn’t write itself, Put somewhere to keep.

Haiku – May 8

Stories write themselves, In a way that leaves no doubt, Magic does exist.

Haiku – May 3

It is time to think, Of flowers blooming brightly, To give us some hope.

Haiku – April 24

This is the last haiku of April. For the next six days, I’ll be posting story parts. Each story’s a gift, And together they add up, To give us all worlds.

Haiku – April 23

With the color pink, Paint so many pretty things, And not just for girls.

Haiku – April 21

We resemble flies, Buzzing on our planet’s corpse, Except we can love.

Haiku – April 20

A first draft might be, Great to begin with but all, Will need revising.

Haiku – April 19

For today and the next five days, I plan to post a haiku. I’m having some problems with my computer (no data loss), so it might delay things, but I hope I’ll be able to post a story part on the last six days of April. If you get the call, In an instant ofContinue reading “Haiku – April 19”

Haiku – April 16

Today was supposed to be a story part, but I was delayed, so I’ve decided to post a haiku today and a story part tomorrow. Up on a shelf there, Is a book waiting to be, Read and loved again.

Haiku – April 13

When it’s time to write, Pen or keyboard either way, Do not hesitate.

Haiku – April 11

Tiny crowds within, Our bodies that we won’t know, Without microscopes.

Haiku – April 7

If I write nothing, My characters will be hurt, And so I must write.

Haiku – April 5

Stories always change, From idea to finished work, Don’t get too attached.

Gray – Haiku

Gray is in the clouds, And old buildings standing near, My hair feels their age.

Red – Haiku

In the color red, Danger courage warnings blood, And delicious fruit.

Blue – Haiku

With the color blue, Draw the sky and water too, Why should blue mean sad?

All my Haiku poetry

I don’t have anything new to post today. Please check out my fairly large collection of haiku poetry.

Sound – Haiku

Voices of loved ones, And a body of water, Good useful advice.

Haiku – January 28

Time has its strange ways, Through unhappy times it slows, Good times go too fast.

Haiku – January 27

An eight-minute walk, If you could travel by light, Sun’s both far and near.

Haiku – January 17

Trust is the key that, Unlocks the door to friendship, Do you change the lock?

Haiku – January 15

Great white banks of snow, Frosting heaped on a cake that, Only nature bakes.

Haiku – January 13

Thank you to all those, Who share good things with us all, You brighten my day.

Haiku – January 9

Finishing things up, Means less time for the moment, But more time later.

Haiku – January 7

When we do damage, Most things can be fixed but not, Always in our hearts.

Haiku – January 6

Wind and snow blowing, Gray sky will bring a lot more, Till this is over.

Haiku – December 15

Summertime so far, In the future it seems like, It will never come. Time is weird this year, Pandemic’s on our shoulders, One day it will lift.

Haiku – December 14

Thinking of you all, Today the memory of, Your deaths brings sadness. You should be fourteen, Doing school online with Zoom, Along with your peers. I keep thinking of, The gifts under those trees that, You never opened.

Love – Haiku

True love is mindless, Like a jacket that just fits, What is true hatred?

Freedom – Haiku

There are those who say, We have the right not to wear, Masks if we so choose. Dictators once ruled, Neighbors denouncing neighbors, Hitler Stalin Mao. But Americans, Are free to love and to care, Use that freedom well.

Haiku – October 26

The soft earth opens, Dark and fertile giving life, To the seeds of hope. This is the last poem I’ll post until after NaNoWriMo.

Food – Haiku

We all need to eat, Experts tell us what is best, Who knows your body?

Shopping List – Revisited

Back in June, I wrote a haiku consisting entirely of emojis. It was fun to do this shopping list, and today, I have another one for you, although of a different type. πŸ”‹ πŸ’‘ πŸ”¦ πŸ•― πŸ”Œ πŸ“· πŸ–¨ ☎️ πŸ“Ί πŸ“» ⏰ ⌚️ πŸ”­ πŸ”¨ 🧯 πŸ”§ πŸ”¬

Haiku – August 31

Kids play in sunshine, Laughter friendship happiness, Outlives all of us.

Haiku – August 10

Warm sun and cool breeze, Children laugh somewhere nearby, A beautiful day.

Haiku – July 27

Pieces of our lives, Are glued together in ways, That make new stories.

All Haiku

I have so much fun, Writing haikus for this blog, Category page.

Clock – Haiku

Tick tick tick tick tick, Students in classrooms waiting, For the bell to ring.


It’s interesting how the meaning of words changes over time, but even more so that we don’t often think about the words we use, and where they come from. A remarkably good (or bad) example of this is the word “lousy.” The dictionary definition, or at least the first one, is “remarkably bad,” “poor quality,”Continue reading “Lousy”