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  • Our Place: Monica and Brad Start School

    Dear Reader, Michael and I would like to update you on what is happening with our upcoming children’s book, Our Place: Monica and Brad Start School. We’re still working on the story and illustrations. We hope this first book in a series of stories about Monica and Brad, characters we’ve both come to love, will […]

  • Updating My Website

    I wanted to change up my site and am working on a redesign. If you notice anything weird, please ignore it and come back soon.

  • Update on my Writing

    I haven’t posted about my plans for books lately. I’m still working on the illustrations for “Our Place: Monica and Brad Start School.” I hate the idea of not blogging every day, but I’m starting to think I might need to change my schedule in order to have enough energy to revise my next book […]

  • Update: What Does “The Indie Way” Mean?

    In January 2021, I published a post about part of my tagline: the Indie way. It is still the only way for me, and I wanted to share this post from the archives, but when I reread it, I realized it needed to be updated. Here you go! When I first started blogging, I didn’t […]

  • Website Updates and Free Fiction

    Over the next few days, I plan to change up my website a little bit. The biggest change will be the Home page, which will go from static page to blog page. Another change will be on my free fiction page, where I will remove “The Dark Tide.” That story will still be somewhere in […]