One day in the Garden

This post isn’t about gardening, or even being outdoors. I didn’t know this two years ago, but people who write without having much in the way of starting ideas are sometimes called Gardeners or Pantsers. (Those who use outlines are often called Architects, Plotters, or Planners.)

All I knew was that I wanted to write a detective novel. I did have a character name, and I knew she was a detective, but that was about it. I opened up a blank document, and started writing.

I’ve always loved books and stories, and at some point, I thought I might want to write one. For a while, I wrote for myself. I wasn’t even sure if the detective novel I was determined to write would be intended for publication. I had no idea if it would ever be finished, and I didn’t even know the story until I wrote it.

I did nothing but write for about six days. At the end, I had a very rough draft of my first novel. Unlike any of the longer things I’d written before, it had a beginning, a middle, and an end.

A year later, I’d revised the book, and decided it was time to start trying to get published. I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of being rejected, but I didn’t have the technical or artistic skills to do everything myself. Do all that fancy formatting? Design a cover? Make absolutely sure there were no errors? I just couldn’t do all that, so I asked Google to help me find publishers. It found FriesenPress. It was the perfect blend of self-publishing and assistance that I needed. I could write the book, and a professional Designer would do the layout and cover for me.

Another year has passed, and being published is near. My book has been edited by a professional Editor, and I’ve also been learning how to market and promote my book. I can’t wait to share it with you, the Reader.







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