Starting NaNoWriMo

I was quite nervous, but I got started on Friday. My book took an unexpected detour, and I’ve managed to make up a new word, and am now trying to prevent myself from overusing it. I have an idea of how the story will end. When I revise, I will need to add a lot of details, and I really must stop writing pages and pages of unbroken dialog. I’m starting to like my characters, but I don’t know them as well as I’d like to. One thing I’m happy about is that I was a bit of a Plantser. I planned just enough of the story to stay on track, but I need that element of surprise that comes from Pantsing, so I combined them. One thing I am struggling with is third person narration. My point of view switches between characters, so this narration style makes sense, but I find it hard to take things smoothly into the characters’ heads, and then out again for a more distant view. I find first person so much easier, but it doesn’t work for this book. I’m excited about my story and afraid of what might happen next.

Published by Hyacinth Grey

I'm a new Indie Author, and my book, Wounded Bride, is the first in a hard-boiled detective series. I love to read, and at the moment, I'm really into nonfiction. I like most topics, but am not very interested in politics.

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