Week Three

At the end of week two, I had already written 50,000 words and had completed the first draft of “On Ice.”

This week, I started a second novel, called “Be a Movie Star.” During the last seven days, I have written 47,426 of it. It’s going a lot faster than “On Ice,” which was science fiction. “Be a Movie Star” is a book about daily life, and is a lot easier to write than the extremes of “On Ice.” I’m also a Pantser, and I find it hard to write sci-fi as I go. “On Ice” is also in the third person, because I needed to switch back and forth to cover what different characters were doing, and “Be a Movie Star” is in first person.

I find first person easier to write because I can move seamlessly from inside the character’s head to the action around them. Which person do you prefer to write in? Please leave me a comment.


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