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Why I Write

I write because I enjoy writing. I also deeply feel the need to express myself through the written word. Writing helps me to deal with my emotions in a safe and liberating way.

Let’s take the current coronavirus pandemic as an example. I don’t want to blog or tweet about how I feel about it. I’m saving up those emotions and putting them into future books. I can write an entire novel about somebody living through a pandemic or I can have characters in my detective series be concerned about, talk about, or even come down with COVID-19. I can decide exactly what happens in the fictional words that I create with my own mind and with the help of hands and keyboard. I can both work through how I feel about things and control what happens in my stories. I’ve heard that one way of dealing with difficult events is to take one thing that we can control and control it a lot. I think that my power to write is my way of controling something and I also have something at the end — a finished novel!

There’s another extremely important reason that I write: it is just plain fun. There’s one book in my detective series where a character comes up with a plan to get out of a bad situation. The adrenalin rush I got writing that, and that I’ll probably get again when I revise it is as good as the thrill of reading such a book. Knowing what was going to happen didn’t diminish the thrill at all. In fact, I think it made it even more fun, because I knew the outcome, but not how I’d manage to get there.

I also tend to fall in love with characters. They aren’t real, but in my mind, they are. I write to find out what happens to them. Sure, I can decide what happens to them in my head and never write it down, but having their lives on paper (well, okay, on my computer) is more profound than just keeping them in my thoughts. And when the book gets ordered, printed, and sent to a customer, those lives that I have created with my imagination take on even more meaning.

The reason that I blog is because I love talking about writing. I’d like you to know that writing is a pleasure and to try it, not tomorrow, but right now. I also blog because I enjoy sharing my experiences writing. It’s also nice to have some content on my site in between books, which take a heck of a lot longer to write than a blog post!


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