The Choice – Part 2

This post is a work of fiction inspired by the Everyday Inspirations writing course from WordPress. The one-word prompt was “choice.”

Rita tried to think who Matt might be. The older guy with sallow skin who would probably drop dead if he didn’t eat some vegetables soon? Or maybe Matt was the thirtysomething black guy who looked like he really enjoyed working out. What was the point of trying to guess who he was? She should just delete the e-mail and forget about him.

I think we’d make a great team. Together, I believe we could make a better life for ourselves. If you’re interested in talking to me about this, please let me know and we can arrange to meet for discussion over coffee.
Yours truly,

Was it some kind of marriage proposal he was making, or did he just want to be friends who could help each other leave a career neither of them liked? He sure was right about how miserable she was advertizing bad products for unscrupulous clients. Just press the Delete button. That was all there was to it. Move the e-mail to the Trash, and then empty the Trash. Gone. Over. Finished. Bills needed to be paid, and now wasn’t the time to quit her job, especially not for this guy Matt. Her finger hovered above the little key.
The phone rang. She jumped. She answered it.
“Hi Rita, did you get my e-mail?” Mom said. She pulled the phone away slightly, wishing Mom would learn that she didn’t need to shout to be heard.
“I haven’t really looked yet,” she said.
“Can you check, please? I sent you three cute photos of Fluffy.” She tried not to groan; Mom was obsessed with her new terror of a kitten. The pics probably showed her climbing the curtains and getting tangled in electrical cords. It was a miracle Mom’s computer still worked.
“Okay.” She touched the trackpad carefully, the thing was so sensitive, and managed to open Mom’s e-mail without messing anything else up. “I got it. Thanks.”
“Well, isn’t Fluffy the cutest cat ever?”
She sighed and said, “Yes, but I’m tired, so I’ll look more carefully tomorrow. Good night.” She replaced the receiver, sent the Fluffy pictures to the Trash, reopened the e-mail from Matt, and clicked Reply.

The next part of “The Choice” is coming tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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