The Choice – Part 3

This post is a work of fiction inspired by the Everyday Inspirations writing course from WordPress. The one-word prompt was “choice.”

Rita asked Matt to meet her at a Starbucks the next morning. He replied almost immediately, confirming that he’d meet her there at 7:00 a.m.

She tossed and turned all night long. At five, she rubbed her eyes and paced around her home until it was time to leave.

When she arrived, the place was pretty much empty, and she was fifteen minutes early. She got a caramel macchiato, even though she really didn’t need an even worse case of the jitters than she already had.

She sat down and looked around. There was only one man in the place. He was wearing a blue suit and had his head bent over a sleek laptop. A cup of something stood on the table to the right of his computer. Nobody she worked with dressed like that. They couldn’t afford to; the thing probably cost $3,000. She looked away from him to the door. It opened, and two women came in. She looked at the watch Mom had given her for her tenth birthday. Five minutes to go until the meeting. She sipped her coffee, and the slight tremor that had started in her hands a few minutes ago intensified. Any second now, the door would open and she’d see the old guy, the guy who loved to work out, or some other guy who would have a plan to improve both their lives. She sipped more coffee. She tried not to look at her watch, but couldn’t help glancing at it every thirty seconds or so. Was it slowing down? Maybe it needed to be repaired. She looked at the time on her phone, and it agreed with the time on her wrist. Her left foot began to jerk back and forth against the chair leg. Then her right foot started to do the same with the other chair leg.

Come on, come on, hurry up already.

Somebody tapped her on the shoulder. Good thing her cup was on the table and not in her hands, or it would have wound up on the floor.

She turned and came face to face with the man in the blue suit.

“Hi, Rita,” he said. “May I sit across from you?” His voice was pleasantly smooth and he was smiling. She nodded. He put a laptop bag down on one of the empty chairs and his cup on the table. His suit matched his eyes beautifully.

The next part of “The Choice” is coming tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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