When looking for a prompt for today’s post, I just picked the first word that popped into my head, which was, “volume.”

How much coffee or tea does your cup hold? How loud do you like your music?

I like words with multiple meanings. One of the novels I’m working on is about a guy who breeds cats. So there are the litterboxes, litters of kittens, and then there’s the kind of litter used to carry somebody, but I’d better stop before I give anything else away. I can tell you one more thing; I’m definitely titling that book “Litter!”

Wounded Bride is the first of a series, but it’s part of a larger story. I have most of the series mapped out and know pretty much what happens from beginning to end. You can read Wounded Bride by itself, but unlike with some other series, you probably won’t want to start with one of the other books. Each volume is a chapter, and each chapter within them is a kind of subchapter.

Recently, I bought a book of Chaucer’s works. In a way, you could say that he wrote one book, because all of what he penned can be bought as one. Even if everything doesn’t seem intertwined, it is, because he wrote every word.

All of English literature is tied together, because writers read each other’s works. It doesn’t stop there, because some read French literature, and French writers read each other’s works, and some read English literature. Over time, more volumes are added to the sea of literary works, and although there are never enough years to for each of us to drink every delicious drop of it, all those pages are bound together in a complex web of writers and readers, and the sum of all those parts makes one great, big volume.

Published by Hyacinth Grey

I'm a new Indie Author, and my book, Wounded Bride, is the first in a hard-boiled detective series. I love to read, and at the moment, I'm really into nonfiction. I like most topics, but am not very interested in politics.

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