It’s almost Friday, so I’m thinking about the opposite of sober.

I had no idea where the word “sober” came from, so I looked it up; it’s pretty much Latin for not drunk (“without intoxication.”) Well great! I like to learn something I didn’t already know when I research words for these posts. Maybe I should do that digging for info while drunk.
The sober reality is that it isn’t the weekend yet, so to lighten the mood a little, I did read further, and managed to get confirmation of what I thought the word meant. Serious. Dull. Not passionate. In a word: boring. It gets even darker with words such as subdued, solemn, and grave. Moderate and realistic are all well and good, but it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

I need to get away from this smothering sobriety, so tomorrow, I’m going to get intoxiacted, drunk, pissed, enibriated, I mean, enebreated, oh rats, it’s enibreated, oh darn it, I don’t know. Who actually says that, anyway?
“Inebriated,” the dictionary said. (Did I ask? Well, to tell the truth, yes, I did look it up so I could end the quarrel my brain was having with itself.)
Interesting: there are a zillion slang terms for drunk, but sober stands alone.






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