A Letter to COVID-19

To the virus:

I don’t like you. After thinking about you for a few minutes, I’ve realized that when it comes down to facts, you’re neither good nor evil. I want to hate you, to despise you, and to destroy you with the depth of my dislike for you. You’ve made a great many people very sick, you’ve taken thousands of lives, destroyed people’s world, and changed society. But what you are is what you are, and you’re not a malevalent force for global distruction, but some strands of DNA and protein. It’s sort of pointless to hate the things that life is made of, but it still seems like you take those good things and turn them bad. You’re not alive in yourself, so you hijack the machinery of cells so you can live. You’re a leech, a blood-sucker, a vampire. But are you evil? I don’t think so, because you can’t think. You can’t act except to follow the instructions of your code. You can’t choose. You’re here for the same reason we are — evolution. I’m now sitting here wondering what evil truly is. The opposite of good, but what’s good? Maybe evil means to harm people when doing so wouldn’t help your survival and involves a conscious choice to do so. In that way, you are not evil. You wouldn’t survive if you didn’t kill. If a human killed their neighbor just for fun, that would be evil because there’s no purpose to the neighbor’s death other than to entertain the killer. Good is helping others to survive and even to prosper. You can only help yourself, so you also cannot be good.

Because we want to survive, we will destroy you. You can be sure of that.

Hyacinth Grey





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