The Writing Process – Overview and Ideas

Writing is a complex process. Many people start writing stories in school. Some keep on writing stories, even after the assignment has been handed in and graded. Some people write until the day they die.

I don’t know what makes some of us write all our lives and others only when they must, but the process itself is something I’ve experienced, from first word to published Author.

I think there are as many writing processes as there are Writers.

Each one of us must find that process, but there are some general tips and ideas to help you if you’d like to develop your writing process, but aren’t sure where to begin.

Some people finish writing a story for school and think that writing is finished… but maybe it’s not.

You might write very little or even nothing at all for years and then one glorious day, you pick up keyboard or pen again, because an idea has struck you full in the face… Ouch!

The idea is the seed. A beginning is important, but like real seeds, ideas need the equivalent of water, soil, and light in order to flourish.

Over a few more Wednesdays, I’ll expand on those.

What’s wrong? Nothing. There is no bad writing process. Because it’s unique to you, it can’t be wrong. It can only be yours.

Ideas aren’t always “big.” If you look at seeds, you’ll find that many are very small. Those tiny “ideas” can transform into some pretty huge plants, and that’s also true for writing. Your idea can be a single word, name, or object. A phrase or a sentence can spark a whole book. Stories really don’t need much to go on, so there’s no need to wait for the idea to blossom before you write it down.

Stories can and do change. Let them.

Next Wednesday, I’ll talk about starting a writing process.

Published by Hyacinth Grey

I'm a new Indie Author, and my book, Wounded Bride, is the first in a hard-boiled detective series. I love to read, and at the moment, I'm really into nonfiction. I like most topics, but am not very interested in politics.

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