5 Reasons to Start Writing Right Now

1. Writing is a fun and safe activity during COVID-19.

Even if your children don’t read yet, they can dictate a story and you can write it down for them.

2. If you have a story in mind but are afraid of it, don’t be. Put it to paper or screen.

Make those memories now for future generations. They’ll thank you for it, especially those who never got the chance to meet you in person.

Great-great-great-Grandpa was a Writer? Nice. Great-great-Grandma wrote that? Wow!

3. Writing can be cathartic. It’s a bit like going outside and rolling around in the grass, or tumbling down a few hillsides. You may become slightly bruised, but come home feeling better than you have in years.

4. The characters aren’t real, and yet they are. They want to be brought to life. They want you to crawl deep into their heads and know them.

And no, you’re not cheating on your spouse.

5. If you’ve never written a story except to (try) and make your English teacher happy, write one to make yourself happy. Have a new experience.

Remember. You don’t need reasons or anybody’s permission to write.

You don’t even need an idea. Many stories do not start with a brilliant plan, but are made of words that go through a lot of revision to become what they are.




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