The Writing Process: When you need an idea but

When you need an idea, but there don’t seem to be any in your head.

This happens to me fairly often. I wouldn’t say I get Writer’s Block, but sometimes I just don’t have any ideas for a blog post. This mostly happens with nonfiction topics.

When this occurs, I often just start typing. For this post, I knew it was going to be about writing. So I started typing the title. “The Writing Process” made me think about writing. I didn’t have any ideas. Well, that could be a topic.

If I want to write a haiku but don’t have a clue what it should be about, I pick the first word that comes into my head and let it take off from there. Seventeen syllables and a lot of counting later, I have a poem and hit Publish.

Because every story or poem begins with one word, that’s really all it takes to get going. It may not be easy, but it often is. I’m a Writer, so every word can be my inspiration, and it can be yours, too.

If you’d like a “writing assignment,” take a word you love, or one you hate, and write either a poem about it or use it in the first sentence of a story.

On your mark (grab a pen or keyboard.)

Get set (pick a word.)

Go (write!)



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  1. Robin Goodfellow Avatar

    Good advice and right to the point.

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