The Illustrations Are Ready!

This post was written and published by Michael on October 3, 2021 on Hyacinth Grey’s Books for Young Readers (

Hyacinth and me are happy to announce that the illustrations for our first children’s book, “Our Place: Monica and Brad Start School,” are finalized! Both the coloring pages and the full color pictures for the book are done! Hyacinth is pretty happy with the story, but I’m not happy with my explanation about braille, so I need to get going on fixing that up so it’s clear and concise. We’re both thrilled that we’re getting so close! Hyacinth is laughing at me because I use so many more exclamation marks than she does!!! I let her read while I’m typing as long as she doesn’t edit me too much; she’s great about helping me when I ask and not helping me when I don’t ask! (Yeah, I asked her about that sentence and she said to use a semicolon!)





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