All the Trees

What road trip would I love to take?

That was the writing prompt I received for today’s post, and at first, the question terrified me slightly.

You might be wondering why, or maybe you’re guessing that I’m afraid of riding in a car, scared of the unknown, or have been every place and don’t need no stinkin’ road trips!

All of those are wrong.

The reason I wasn’t sure about this one is that Michael, my husband, is totally blind. I would want to share it with him, not go off with a friend or by myself, so it needed to be a road trip we’d both love, even if for different reasons.

I asked Michael what road trip he’d like to take. At first, he said he’d like to go all over the British Isles and listen to all the different accents. That would be fun, but we could search YouTube and find most of them without leaving our home, spending a lot on a plane ticket to get there, then on gas, renting a vehicle, not to mention hotels, as neither of us would relish sleeping in a vehicle for more than a night. We could camp, but both of us kind of like things like warm beds, showers, and a roof over us.

He said he’d give the question some more thought.

His next idea was perfect.

“Trees,” he said. “Let’s go all over Canada, Mexico, and the United States and touch and see all the trees we can find, even the kinds we already know about. Maybe we can throw in farms and gardens, too. You know, like try all the fruits and nuts and weird veggies we’ve never heard of.”

Now, that’s a road trip I’d go for!

If we were allowed to, we could even bring back cones and make a wreath for next Christmas. Michael likes that idea, and also said we should buy things made of local fruits and nuts. (I asked about the weird veggies, and he said we could take home seeds, maybe.)

We’d start in the winter or spring, and we’d want to see trees in all seasons.

That would be our dream road trip. We’re even talking about actually doing this, but we both agree not during a global pandemic.

Michael and I wanted to mention that we’re doing the cover reveal for our upcoming children’s book, Our Place: Monica and Brad Start School, on World Braille Day, which is January 4. It’ll be on this site as well as on Hyacinth Grey’s Books for Young Readers (





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