My Writing

The question today is what I like most about my writing.

I like that I don’t use a lot of overly long, complicated, “boring” sentences. I try to write how my characters would think or talk, not in a particularly literary-conscious style. I’m not concerned with how I sound, but with how my characters come across. I like writing about all kinds of people, and I try to make them whole, complex, and believable.

I know that this wasn’t part of the question, but what I like the least about my writing is my tendency to write multiple pages of dialog. I have to focus on not getting lost in the “conversation,” but keep to the scene as a whole. My characters can and should be thinking, doing, talking, feeling, and being aware of their environment.

Another thing I like about my writing is that I’m a Pantser. I just start typing, without regard to the consequences. I’m often left with very messy drafts, but my stories take unexpected turns, and most of the time I’m as surprised by my own writing as I would be by that of any other Author.





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