Living in Bold

Living boldly. What does that mean to me? What a writing prompt!

To underline (haha) how difficult this question is, all I need to do is point to the fear of being just another grain of sand on the beach. I mean, how many people would say that living boldly means doing the things you want to do? It’s pretty much summed up in a well-known book title Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

How can I prevent myself from being just one more chocolate chip cookie, no matter how tasty, buried beneath an avalanche of other cookies just like me, vying for attention from somebody who might want to take a bite and find out just how bold a flavor those chocolate chips have?

I don’t want to say that living boldly means taking risks. There is always some social risk involved, I mean, if I write a book people may not like it, but I don’t want to do things that involve physical risk like sky-diving, mountain-climbing, or deep sea diving.

So let’s go over into fiction. Being bold means writing in any genre I choose. I’ll tackle romance, thrillers, scifi, and fantasy. I’ll write about anything and everything, either from a writing prompt or just by grabbing an idea out of my imagination, opening up a document, and typing something. I’ll revise those great big manuscripts, send them to a professional Editor if possible, get a cover, and press that BIG BOLD PUBLISH BUTTON. It doesn’t stop there. I ask for honest reviews. If you didn’t like the book, that’s okay. If you loved the book, that’s okay. If the book was both good and bad, that’s okay.

I’m a Bold Inie Author, putting my writing out there. Some of it is free, and some of it isn’t, but all of it is because I want to write and to publish my work.

So that is what I must do to live boldly. If not, I’ll be right at the very bottom of that cookie jar.






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