The bloganuary prompt for today is a superpower I’d like to have.

I think it’d be pretty cool to be able to teleport myself anywhere in the galaxy. All I’d need is clothes or equipment for the destination and I could hop over to Mars, check out Antarctica here on Earth, or go visit a friend down the street. Of course, traveling the “old-fashioned” way would be preferred if I wanted to enjoy things along the way, but teleportation would sure be useful if the destination was the important thing.

Michael is wondering how teleportation works. Would you need to see the place you were trying to go to, imagine it, or what? What if you imagined a place that didn’t exist?

That’s a good question. I think teleportation should work on a coordinate system so you’d never be lost or need to see or imagine where you wanted to be.

It would work with longitude, latitude, and altitude on Earth, but I guess you wouldn’t know the coordinates of a planet that hadn’t been found yet, and neither of us know enough about space to know how accurate telescopes are to pinpoint a location for teleportation. Imagine if the “GPS” was off by a few light years or even just the distance out of the planet’s atmosphere; you could wind up in a very complicated situation out there!

So maybe just on Earth for now, but even that would be awesome.

If I could take others with me, that’d be even better.





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