Forgetting My Mask

The writing prompt for today is a dream I remember.

I have a recurring dream about forgetting my mask. I’ll be out some place, and suddenly realize I’m not wearing a mask.

It’s not the scariest dream I’ve ever had, but it’s my least favorite because I keep having it and I’m very careful never to forget my mask. I also tend to obey the rules, so breaking them, even by accident, is mortifying.

It kind of makes me wonder if surgeons dream about forgetting their gloves, or forgetting to wash their hands before starting an operation.

The scariest dream I can recall was about zombies. A zombie could infect somebody with “zombiness” just by saying something. At leat that dream was a one-off.

Most of my dreams tend to recur. I have some good, some bad, and some just plain weird. In a way, the bad ones are better, because I wake up relieved that it was only a dream, while the really good ones are disappointing when you wake up. I love my life, and don’t like the feeling of being ungrateful when I wake up from a good dream.

As for the really weird ones, they can be scarier than bad dreams and leave me feeling unnerved for a long time.





2 responses to “Forgetting My Mask”

  1. Sam "Goldie" Kirk Avatar

    I always wondered about recurring dreams…
    Having to remember a mask is quite a stressor and it bleeds into your dreams. Have you ever dreamed about forgetting your homework when you were a kid? Or not being prepared for a test? I feel like that’s like that.

  2. Hyacinth Grey Avatar

    I think for me most of my recurring dreams started as a teen or young adult. I dream about being late or forgetting important things like my mask.

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