What Makes Me Feel Strong

Lifting weights. Mwahahaha.

Being able to write fiction. My imagination is strong. It can create worlds. Universes. People. All kinds of creatures. I can do anything I want with my imagination.

I beliive that imagination is God within all of us. In other words, to love God and to love ourselves is inseparable.

And by the word “imagination,” I mean every kind of imagination. We all have it, even if we don’t use it to get stories. Understanding how another person might feel takes imagination, or thinking up what your dream job would be.

God makes me strong through imagination, that part of me which is God. And you make me stronger by reading my stories. I need to use my imagination to write them, and you use yours to read them. If you didn’t imagine, stories would have little appeal as you wouldn’t be able to see/hear/feel yourself in a character’s life/mind/body/environment. Therefore, the strength and energy of both imagination and God are at work on both the writing end and the reading end of all stories.

That makes me feel very strong; having my stories feed other people’s imaginations is truly empowering.





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  1. Michelleintel Avatar

    You have a gift with words

  2. Hyacinth Grey Avatar

    Thank you. 🙂

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