Team Spirit – My Drafty Little Room

When I need solitude, I go to my writing room, which is fairly little and a bit drafty.

A couple of years ago, I was inspired by writing community team spirit. We’re all working on books and most of the time, we’re pretty nice to each other. We all tend to learn from each other and thrive on community with fellow Writers and Readers alike. Of course and unforunately, there are still people out there who see writing as a VERY serious profession that should only be open to the most highly-intelligent, thoroughly-vetted talent, but I would say that most people, whether they publish traditionally or are Indie Authors, believe that writing should be a friendly, supportive, and inclusive profession.

I was inspired to write what I will call a “dramatic romance” about a psychologist named Maggie, who works in a little drafty room. The storry is about her marriage, family, and determination to face and deal with problems after trying to escape from them.





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