Category: Sharing Sunday

  • Writing Community Insults

    This tweet by @mims_words and the comments are great “resources” if you want to fire off writing insults, but be warned. If you go on the attack with these, expect it right back and so, so much worse. I will never use these on you and request the same courtesy. They are great and I […]

  • A Beautiful Tweet

    This Tweet by Haiku Book is just perfect for today.

  • Why I Plan to Keep on Blogging

    My feet have been dragging a little lately. I haven’t been thinking about quitting, but when I came across Read This if You Want to Quit Your Blog by Cristian Mihai from The Art of Blogging, I thought I’d better read it. I did, got inspired to pull myself out of the mud of a […]

  • Where I Learned to Write Interesting Post Titles

    From Day One, I’ve struggled to come up with interesting post titles. No more. Cristian Mihai from The Art of Blogging has written The Art of Crafting a Brilliant Headline. It’s a post worthy of being saved, printed out, and kept near at hand when you’re blogging.

  • Another Me

    When I was picking a pseudonym to write under, I did a quick check to see if there was already a well-known author with the name I was planning to use. There were people with the same name, but none of them appeared to be authors. I did find something cool: a character named Hyacinth […]

  • WordPress is my Favorite

    My first web-hosting company didn’t work for me. It was Weebly, and I’m sharing that because it may work great for you and they are still hosting one of my domains. Last year, when I realized that I needed to find a different company to host this site, I tried to think of where I […]

  • Sharing Sunday – Writing Space

    I’m similar to number eleven on this list, but I love number sixteen. Writers Writing Place. Indoors Or Out? 17 Confess. by Dr. Shelly C from Success Strategies.

  • Sharing Sunday – A Gem in the Blogosphere

    Every Sunday, I share posts or other links that are interesting, inspiring, or thought-provoking, and How to Build a Web of Content That Hooks Your Readers for Hours by Cristian Mihai from The Art of Blogging is all of those. I like it so much, it’s the only thing I want to share with you […]

  • I Love to Share

    This is a list of all the blog posts I’ve ever liked. I haven’t been using the Reader for very long yet, so there are seventeen of them so far. The list goes from first liked to most recently liked, so the numbers don’t reflect how much I liked the post. The 5 Tricks That […]