WordPress is my Favorite

My first web-hosting company didn’t work for me. It was Weebly, and I’m sharing that because it may work great for you and they are still hosting one of my domains.

Last year, when I realized that I needed to find a different company to host this site, I tried to think of where I could turn to get a platform I would enjoy using.

Then it happened. I remembered the name WordPress. I thought they were a blogging site, and I was considering starting a blog at the time, so I decided to check them out.

What I found blew my mind!

1. They were ready and willing to hand me a FREE blog.

2. If the free features provided weren’t enough, I could choose from five paid plans.

3. If I purchased any of those plans, I could get e-mail and chat tech support and a domain name registered free for one year.

4. They offered an iOS app as well as the usual web interface.

5. I could choose from three different editing modes. First, there was the Classic Editor, which is well-designed and easy to use. Then they had the Block Editor, which is more modern and I’m not very familiar with it yet. Last, but definitely not least, there was the HTML Editor, which is a basic box into which you can type HTML code. WordPress keeps insisting that the Block Editor is worth trying, and has it enabled by default for new posts. I found the idea of parts of my site as “blocks” interesting, and I tried it when I wrote my haiku for May 25. It works well for me for short posts, but I don’t seem to be able to find my word count, so I don’t think I will use it for longer posts.

6. Like most people, I sometimes need technical assistance. I have both e-mailed and live-online-text-chatted with WordPress Support. Both services are wonderful, but I prefer a live chat, where I can provide and receive help in real time.

If you need a different web-hosting company, I urge you to give WordPress a try.





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