My Writing Space and a Question for Readers

I write best when I’m alone. Whether it’s a blog post or a novel, I can write anywhere, as long as nobody else is in the room. In practice, that means my home office, where my computer lives.

I don’t need anything special. As long as I have a computer and am not too hot or cold, I can usually write. I don’t try to cultivate a certain atmosphere in my writing area, because When I write, I tend to disappear into my “zone,” so I don’t really notice my surroundings so much. It’s usually fairly easy for me to get into that special place where writing happens, but I do sometimes have trouble. I often find that when I’m writing, especially if it’s something new, the beginning of it ends up needing a lot of revision and rewriting, but I’d rather do that than not write at all.

Now, I have a question for you. What kinds of posts would you like to read on my blog? Please leave a comment below. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, please send me a private message via my

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. Suggestions sent privately, if used, will be credited to a Reader. If I use a suggestion from a public comment, I will credit you using the name shown in the comment.






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