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  • The Future of Plugin, Themes, and Services Purchases on WordPress.com – reblog

    Recently we shared that you can now purchase six popular Automattic plugins right from your WordPress.com dashboard. We’re intentionally testing this… The Future of Plugin, Themes, and Services Purchases on WordPress.com

  • New Year, New Success with Bloganuary – reblog with a comment

    Hyacinth says, “This is something for me.” Although I haven’t blogged daily for a while, I’m going to meet this challenge. After January, I’ll decide what to do. In a few short days, you’ll surely be asked: What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2022? If starting a blogging habit is one of them, we’re […]

  • Sharing a GREAT Post: “How to Create Book Covers Using Power Point”

    I want to create some book covers to publish some of my free fiction, and since I have Microsoft PowerPoint as part of Office 365, and a friend suggested it, I Googled the topic, and found this totally awesome blog post! It involves doing some math, but I love that kind of geeky stuff like […]

  • Just Jotting (or Maybe Juggling) and a Question

    Ideas are nice. I sort of get into trouble with myself for having to many of them. I get a new one, start writing, and then leave other projects waiting for my attention. I’m going to come up with a list of “rules” for making sure I work on every story. 1. When an idea […]

  • I Love WordPress

    If you’ve been thinking about building a website or a blog, I recommend WordPress.com. It’s easy to set up and use. All you need is an e-mail address, and they’ll give you a free website just a couple of minutes after you click the signup button. They have so many themes, it’s hard to select […]

  • About Time (and blogging)

    I have twenty-six days left in my sprint to reach a 500-day blogging streak, so I started to think about that, and came up with the idea of doing a post with a title that starts with each letter of the alphabet over the next twenty-six days. Some of those will be easy, like A, […]

  • Let Our Experts Build Your Dream Website – reblogged from the WordPress Blog

    Need a professional team to translate your vision into a compelling and modern website? Consider hiring our experts. Let Our Experts Build Your Dream Website

  • Writing Interrupted: I need to share this

    It would normally be Writing Advice today, but given the fact that WordPress has added a fine new feature, I need to share this with you. No, I won’t wait for Sunflower Saturday. A New Way to Publish Your Blog Posts Simultaneously As Twitter Threads Writing will resume next Writing Wednesday, and in the meantime, […]

  • Surviving Site Changes

    A few days ago, I changed my WordPress site plan because I wasn’t using the advanced features I had. The downgrade had to both keep my existing content, but also revert to an older version of my website. I decided it was time for a change of theme, and I soon rebuilt my menu and […]

  • Haiku: What would you like to read on this blog?

    What kinds of posts would, You like to read on this blog? Please leave a comment.

  • My Writing Space and a Question for Readers

    I write best when I’m alone. Whether it’s a blog post or a novel, I can write anywhere, as long as nobody else is in the room. In practice, that means my home office, where my computer lives. I don’t need anything special. As long as I have a computer and am not too hot […]