A Letter to Short Fiction

Dear Short Fiction,

Every Friday, I post some of you on my blog to give my readers free content. It’s also nice to take a break from writing essay-style nonfiction posts.

I fell in love with you at first write, but I don’t quite remember the first time we met. All I recall is somebody tweeting, asking if people liked to write short stories or novels best. Of course, I voted for novels. Come on, don’t yell at me, I was thinking about those long ago days, you know the ones before I got a real book self-published with FriesenPress? I mean, it was so long ago, it’s embarrassing, so I won’t go into the gory details here, but I was thinking of those times when I only wrote for myself.

I guess the words “short stories” got stuck in my head, but I don’t really know how this happened. Maybe I had one or two glasses of wine too many, and the next thing I knew, I was writing The Choice. Considering that I don’t remember our first night of passion very well, I’m happy that we fell in love, because I do remember most of what we did after whatever it was that got things started. I love you so much, I couldn’t ever in a million years let you go, and I still feel that way today, yes, even after our honeymoon had to be canceled because of COVID-19. I’m having a blast writing The Dark Tide, and after that, I even have an idea for another one.

Do you want to hear a crazy wild secret?

I was thinking it might be fun to publish a longer work, such as maybe kind of sort of like a novel as a long series of blog posts.

I don’t know if I will do that, but I’m certainly toying with the idea. If you have an opinion on the subject, please leave a comment.

I’m not sure if this all means we’re married, or if we’re just living together, but either way, you make my blog complete. Oh, what am I saying? My readers do that!

Yours truly,

Hyacinth Grey





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