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  • January 1 – A Letter to my Teenage Self

    Dear Teenage Hyacinth, As a writing prompt for bloganuary, WordPress asked me what advice I’d give you. If I could go back in time and meet you, we could go to a Starbucks and I’d buy a decaf coffee. I know, I know, you’d be mad at me for not buying you “the real thing,” […]

  • Merry Christmas 2021

    Dear Reader, Merry Christmas. It’s been a complicated couple of years, and I hope things are starting to look up. I also know that Christmas can be a difficult time for many. Of course, not everybody celebrates Christmas. To everyone, in all our varying human circumstances, I hope today is a good day. Peace, Hyacinth

  • A Letter to Haiku

    Dear Haiku, You are pretty cool, And people like you a lot, ‘Cause you’re quick to read. Not too long to write, Lots of meaning in each word, Syllables must count. When I think of you, It’s with greatest affection, Because you help me. Not only to gain, More traffic to my website, But to […]

  • A Letter to Christmas

    Dear Christmas, I think a lot of people are conflicted about you and religion in the 21st century. The love of God has both inspired people to do good, and turned some hands to do wrong. A free country is one in which people should not be afraid to believe, and they should be comfortable […]

  • A Letter to Letters

    Dear Letters, It’s writing Wednesday, and I used to write you on Wednesdays every week. I tried to be philosophical, funny, factual, or just plain foolish. Do you think I should bring you back as a regular feature? You know, maybe between writing advice posts? Oh, my phone’s ringing. “Hello, this is Hyacinth, who’s calling?” […]

  • Looking back at Letters

    I’ve stopped writing letters as a regular feature, but I had a lot of fun with them. Here is the letters category page. I’ve been sitting here trying to think which letter is my favorite. For seriousness and sort of philosophy, it’s definitely the one to the Pacific Ocean. I’ve had to pick three “other” […]

  • A Letter to Books

    Dear Books, During the last ten or so years, I’ve been hearing people say that printed books are on the decline, due to the rise of eBooks. I don’t think the trend has continued as fast as initially predicted, and I think that some printed books will always be produced. I don’t believe it when […]

  • A Letter to Summer – Haiku

    Dear Summer, Spring is just too wet, Fall is nice but it’s not you, Winter is too cold. Yours truly, Hyacinth Grey

  • A Letter to My Internal Editor – Haiku

    Dear My Internal Editor, You help me work hard, Through long days of revision, But sometimes you’re mean. Yours truly, Hyacinth Grey

  • A Letter to Time – Haiku

    Dear Time, If you were my dad, I would never once be late, Also not human. Yours truly, Hyacinth Grey

  • A Letter to Pantsing and Plotting

    Dear Pantsing and Plotting, I’m really happy I’ve got y’all as my best friends. If I didn’t, nothing would get written, and my life would be incredibly boring. Pantsing, do you remember that day in August 2017 when we sat down with only the idea of writing a detective novel? I do. The page didn’t […]

  • A Letter to Nonfiction

    Dear Nonfiction, Boy, you must be mad after reading last week’s letter to short fiction. First I said it was fun writing something other than essay-style posts, and then I went on and on about my romantic, moon-lit relationship with fiction. Well, all of that is true, but you know what? You shouldn’t have opened […]

  • A Letter to Short Fiction

    Dear Short Fiction, Every Friday, I post some of you on my blog to give my readers free content. It’s also nice to take a break from writing essay-style nonfiction posts. I fell in love with you at first write, but I don’t quite remember the first time we met. All I recall is somebody […]

  • A Letter to Revision

    Dear Revision, I’m kind of confused. I’ve always thought that the other half of writing was reading, but you sort of complicate matters. Reading came first, so maybe it’s the older sibling, and writing and revision are a set of younger twins. While we’re at it, where does publishing fit into the family? Is it […]