A Letter to Pantsing and Plotting

Dear Pantsing and Plotting,

I’m really happy I’ve got y’all as my best friends. If I didn’t, nothing would get written, and my life would be incredibly boring.

Pantsing, do you remember that day in August 2017 when we sat down with only the idea of writing a detective novel? I do. The page didn’t get to stay blank for very long, did it? 🤣

Plotting, do you remember how much fun we had after the Editor found a plothole and we fixed it? I do. 😛

Do y’all remember when we worked together? We were writing one of the books for later in the detective series and I had a plan for what happened, but I wanted the adrenalin rush of not knowing what was gonna go down, remember that? I do, and my heart’s going a mile a minute thinking about it. It was like being at a nightclub and dancing with the love of your life. Remember? I do. 🤯

Even though y’all are concepts and not real people, so I get to do all the remembering, I can and I do.

Pantsing, you’re so great at helping me with those first drafts that just need to take off and go! 🛫

Plotting, I love you when I need to step back and revise. The Internal Editor’s gonna get a letter in a couple of weeks, but you’re more fun than punctuation and grammar; you’ve got the big picture in mind, and you help me keep track of who did what, and when. 🤩

Y’all are great, and I wouldn’t be a writer without you. Y’all don’t even fight with each other much, so let’s just keep writing, okay? 😣

Yours truly, 🥳

Hyacinth Grey






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