A Letter to Books

Dear Books,

During the last ten or so years, I’ve been hearing people say that printed books are on the decline, due to the rise of eBooks. I don’t think the trend has continued as fast as initially predicted, and I think that some printed books will always be produced. I don’t believe it when people say that there will be a time in the future when no books at all are printed. I hope that the majority of books will one day be electronic, because the environmental costs of printed books for everyone who wants to read them are high, but I do love physical books. As an Author, being able to hold what I’ve created in my own hands spurs those hands to create even more. I think the feeling is similar to the joy a child feels when sitting with an adult who is about to read to them, and that just wouldn’t be as powerful with eBooks on a tablet.

Long live the printed book, and may we read eBooks most of the time.

Yours truly,

Hyacinth Grey





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