A Letter to Christmas

Dear Christmas,

I think a lot of people are conflicted about you and religion in the 21st century.

The love of God has both inspired people to do good, and turned some hands to do wrong.

A free country is one in which people should not be afraid to believe, and they should be comfortable if they do not believe.

Not believing does not negate God’s love, and believing does not make God’s love greater.

God alone makes love what it is.

There are many religions in the world, and also many people who have private beliefs or who do not believe in a higher power.

We are all free to love each other, and I believe that is what every god or higher power seeks.

For me, Christmas is about the birth of a child who brings people together to overcome problems and to share all that is good and fun.

Christmas is both a time to eat, sing, and engage in frivolous activities, and it’s also a time to help people, support them, and recognize their achievements.

The Christ Child is the capacity we have to love each other, and Christmas is a celebration of that gift.

Christmas can be quite materialistic, and I explore this topic in my short story, The Christmas Room, which can be found on my free fiction page.

Religion has been used to define large groups of people, and set them apart from each other. Religious leaders have both called people to war and to peace. Religion has been used to dehumanize people who do not share the same faith, and as justification for mistreating, abusing, and killing them — the very opposite of the love God gives to all of us.

If we learn anything from history, I hope it is the knowledge that it never does any good to think of others as good or bad based on their religion or lack thereof.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, I challenge you to go out and meet people who are different from you. In any way. Religion, ethnicity, language, or culture. I can guarantee you one thing: they’ll be human, just like you. You or they may not believe in Christmas or in any higher power, but both they and you know what love is, and will live by a code of ethics, whether religious or not.


Hyacinth Grey





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