I Love WordPress

If you’ve been thinking about building a website or a blog, I recommend WordPress.com.

It’s easy to set up and use. All you need is an e-mail address, and they’ll give you a free website just a couple of minutes after you click the signup button.

They have so many themes, it’s hard to select just one, but luckily you can change theme as often as you’d like.

Creating pages and posts is straightforward using the Block Editor.

For example, this paragraph is one block that I can move, align right, delete, or duplicate.

A picture is a block, a heading is a block, and if you have your site set up in columns like my current home page, you’ll be dealing with blocks within blocks! There’s the main column block, and inside that, there’s a block for each column. Inside each of those, there are the blocks for the content, such as headings, images, and paragraphs of text.

If you love codes, you can switch to HTML mode and code away.





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