Just Jotting (or Maybe Juggling) and a Question

Ideas are nice.

I sort of get into trouble with myself for having to many of them.

I get a new one, start writing, and then leave other projects waiting for my attention.

I’m going to come up with a list of “rules” for making sure I work on every story.

1. When an idea strikes, write it down — quickly.

2. Work on one new idea at a time.

3. Work on one fairly extensive first draft at a time.

4. Work on revising one book or story at a time.

5. Work on publishing one book or story at a time.

That’s a total of four simultaneous projects.

Not so bad.

But I mustn’t neglect marketing. All the books and stories that have been published need attention.

6. Set aside time for promoting all completed works.

And blog posts.

7. Write one blog post per week after August 23.

I’m gonna be busy, that’s for sure, but it still seems manageable.

I have a question for you.

On which day would you like me to post on my soon-to-be-weekly blog? Please leave a comment.



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