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  • Favorite Quote

    Favorite Quote

    The short answer is: I don’t have one. I do like some quotes, but I don’t use a lot of them in my daily life. Therefore, I’m going to share one I used in a piece of free fiction. “Die Religion ist … das Opium des Volkes.” – Karl Marx Translated from the original German, […]

  • Update about In Life

    Some of you may have wondered what was happening with my free fiction piece, “In Life.” I’m happy to tell you that I’m still working on it, but there’s something I’d like to share with you. It will still be free, but once it’s finished, it will be published on Smashwords instead of on this […]

  • The Dark Tide

    Die Religion … ist das Opium des Volkes. – Karl Marx Everyone had been called to Worship. I stood outside the temple, and waited for the doors to be opened. It was early morning, and very bright, with sunbeams reflecting off the snow that had fallen the night before. I felt exposed, standing as I […]

  • The Dark Tide is coming, but don’t worry, it’s just free fiction!

    Last year, I wrote a novelette or maybe a very long short story. It’s called The Dark Tide, and it needs some revisions. I’m happy to announce that I’m well on the way to getting that accomplished. I hope to post it by the end of August.

  • In Life – Part 15 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. “The floors above ground are public,” Red says as she opens the palace door. “This is the hall.” I step in and see a rectangular room with a bare wood floor. Tables and chairs are stacked against the left-hand wall. There’s no art on the walls, no chandeliers hanging […]

  • In Life – Part 14 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. In life. When they use their 3D printer, people get in life. I remember asking what the noise was last night. The printer. It must have been the 3D printer, bringing Goldensword Harvestmoon in life. I’m sure I can ask, but I don’t want to talk to anyone. I […]

  • In Life – Part 13 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. I follow Red through the opening in the wall and out into the sunshine. We’re on a path that appears to be made of some kind of stones. On either side of it, there are trees and bushes. In front of us, there’s a low, wooden building, and Red […]

  • In Life – Part 12 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. “What time do you need to go back downstairs?” Grace asks. “Not until about ten.” “Oh good. I haven’t talked frankly with anybody except Peter and the kids since before we moved here.” “I don’t understand.” “My customers are wonderful, but if they knew, they might not be.” “If […]

  • Coming Soon: revised version of The Dark Tide

    Last year, I wrote “The Dark Tide” in ten parts on this blog. Recently, I removed it from my free fiction page because it needs a lot of revision and I wasn’t sure if I was going to post the revised story, or give it away to thank people for subscribing to my blog and/or […]

  • Website Updates and Free Fiction

    Over the next few days, I plan to change up my website a little bit. The biggest change will be the Home page, which will go from static page to blog page. Another change will be on my free fiction page, where I will remove “The Dark Tide.” That story will still be somewhere in […]

  • Need a Distraction? I offer free fiction on this website

    Since starting in April 2020, I’ve finished five pieces of free fiction, and two are in progress. All of them can be found on my fiction page. To help you decide which one to read first, here are short descriptions of all of them. The Choice Rita hates her job, and an e-mail she receives […]

  • In Life – Part 11 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. The sounds aren’t getting any louder or closer. My phone is somewhere on the floor in the dark, and I don’t want to take the chance of getting up and trying to find it. Time passes, but I have no idea how much. I lie awake, unwilling to take […]

  • In Life – Part 10 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. Thud! My eyes fly open. It’s dark. Thudda chugga whoosh. I sit up on the couch and look around, but I can’t see anything. Chugga whoosh thud! What’s going on? I grope for the end table. Where is my phone? Is there a burglar in here? I touch the […]

  • In Life – Part 9 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. The pizza is wonderful, but I’ll have to go on a diet for the next year to offset the calories consumed. I’m also disappointed that the quadruplets don’t allow me to meet their parents. Purple takes a tray up to them, and I don’t hear anything they say, because […]

  • In Life – Part 8 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. The next screen asks for eye and hair color. “Blue eyes and blond hair.” If I imagine marrying somebody, it’s a man with blue eyes and blond hair. Blue taps the relevant buttons. A large green START button appears at the bottom of the screen. Interesting. I’m about to […]

  • In Life – Part 7 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. Today’s the day. It’s the first Saturday in August, I know how to turn on a computer and do some basic things, but I don’t know if I’m going to accept the quadruplets’ invitation. I stand in front of my closet, unsure of what to wear. If I don’t […]

  • In Life – Part 6 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. The next two weeks pass by in obscurity. I have nothing to do all day long. Worse still, I don’t feel like doing much, but I know Aunt Bev would not approve of this idleness. She’s left me her home, her money, and her legacy of love, but I’m […]

  • Cover Reveal: The Dark Tide – free fantasy fiction

    The Dark Tide The gods are angry, and everybody must flee. One man cannot leave until he packs every one of his daughter’s sketches. The Dark Tide is the story of his quest to find the truth. Will the truth destroy him and everyone he loves, or will it make him and his family stronger? […]

  • In Life – Part 5 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. Later that morning, I meet Adam at the church. We arrange Aunt Bev’s funeral for a Monday so that her friends from the salon won’t have to take a day off. I dread going home and calling Becky, but I know I have to. She doesn’t go to church, […]

  • In Life – Part 4 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. There’s hardly any traffic on the way home. As soon as I walk through the front door, I take off my shoes, go to my room, change into my old pyjamas, and lie down on my bed. It’s not late but I’m through with the day. The problem is […]

  • In Life – Part 3 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. The truck’s engine won’t start, so I’m going to be stuck here for a while. I see a woman talking on a cell phone and wish I had one. While she can call wherever she’s going and explain she’s stuck in traffic, I have to sit here and wait […]

  • In Life – Part 2 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. I make myself a fancy lunch because I don’t know what else to do, and I’ve just gone into the bathroom when the phone rings. I hurry and make it to the phone by about the twelfth ring. “Alexis!” It’s Amanda, my best friend in the whole wide world. […]

  • In Life – Part 1 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. “I’m not feeling well,” Aunt Bev says. We’re sitting at the kitchen table, and I’m eating toast, but she hasn’t touched hers. “Are you going to call in sick?” I ask. She works at a salon doing people’s nails. Me? I can’t stand the feeling of stuff on my […]

  • What is my free fiction about?

    I’ve been talking a lot about free fiction lately, but I’ve neglected to write “About the Story” blurbs for most of the pieces I’ve posted. To correct that oversight, here they are. Once you find one you like the sound of, click the link above to be taken to the page with links to all […]

  • Fun with Free Fiction

    Back in April, I launched free short fiction on this site with The Choice. That piece was short, but over the months since, I’ve started writing longer pieces. Both finished stories and pieces in progress can be found on my Fiction page. As of this writing, the story called Lockdown has almost come to an […]