cover image of The Dark Tide by Hyacinth Grey

Favorite Quote

The short answer is: I don’t have one.

I do like some quotes, but I don’t use a lot of them in my daily life.

Therefore, I’m going to share one I used in a piece of free fiction.

“Die Religion ist … das Opium des Volkes.” – Karl Marx

Translated from the original German, this means: “Religion is … the opium of the people.“

It’s often mistranslated as “the opiate of the masses.”

One day I was curious about this quote and looked it up. It inspired me to write The Dark Tide, a free piece of fantasy fiction.

The gods are angry, and everyone must flee down the mountain before the dark tide, a roiling cloud of annihilation, comes out of the ground and destroys everything and everybody.

But one man cannot leave without first making sure that he has all of his daughter’s sketches. Left behind, he comes face to face with the truth, which might prove to be something even worse than the dark tide itself.

I like quotes as writing prompts, but when I’m writing or talking, I tend to say things in my own words more than I quote.





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