Need a Distraction? I offer free fiction on this website

Since starting in April 2020, I’ve finished five pieces of free fiction, and two are in progress.

All of them can be found on my fiction page.

To help you decide which one to read first, here are short descriptions of all of them.

The Choice

Rita hates her job, and an e-mail she receives one night leaves her faced with a choice: to take a chance in the unknown, or to stay secure.

The Dark Tide

cover image of The Dark Tide by Hyacinth Grey

The gods are angry, and they’re going to send the dark tide, a cloud of roiling distruction, out of the ground. The people must flee down the mountain side. The Dark Tide is the story of a man who cannot leave his daughter’s sketches behind.

Time Gone By

cover image of Time Gone By by Hyacinth Grey

This is the story of four children and their grandma who start out camping and end up being called upon to save the country from a terrible future, and then to prevent a ruthless man from altering the past.


Billy is nineteen, afraid of the dark, and trying to finish up his first year of college. His adoptive mother has just given birth to Mona, his new baby sister, and his adoptive father can think only of his tiny biological child. Lockdown is the story of a son’s struggle to keep his family together, or is that … alive?

In Life

Alexis is trying to decide what she wants to study now that school is over. Her parents died when she was a baby, and her aunt Bev is the only family she has. When her aunt dies suddenly, Alexis is lost and alone, until she meets a set of terribly intelligent quadruplets who have created a universe in their basement. Alexis is plunged into a world of swords, magic, and monsters. She tries to love the man that has been brought “in life” for her, but finds she loves another — and that’s not all. Monsters are managing to come into the basement, and then up the stairs and into the kitchen. Alexis knows it’s time to decide one way or another if she should stay in the fantasy world, or go back to the real one.

NaNoWriMo Novel 2020

Martin and Susan are struggling with their marriage. Susan really does not want children, but has kept letting Martin believe that she does. Martin orders her around and acts like she’s a servant instead of a partner, which drives Susan deep into her pen name, Tina, who writes novels. Susan is offered a job hosting a show to encourage people to write, and Martin finds love at work, in the form of a young client named Melanie. When their marriage ends abruptly in a public way, Susan leaves her house, her show, and even the computer she uses for writing. She finds work and an apartment, but she has a new neighbor who tries to talk to her. She has no interest in Matthew at first, but then a frightening event brings them closer together — closer than she ever could have imagined.

The Christmas Room

This is a story with two different endings. Both are the story of a young woman who must figure out what Christmas means to her.


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