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  • Time Gone By – Part 32 – Science Fiction

    Curly tried to get me to tell him the plan, but I wouldn’t. Three minutes later, I saw Adelle’s car. It was painted the color of arterial blood you might see in a bad detective movie. We waved to each other, and I gave them the thumbs up. I drove for a few minutes, and […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 31 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. “Wow!” Freckles said, looking out at the diving board and ocean.“Yeah, yeah, I’ll find it.” A man’s deep voice came from the entrance.Lisa had been smiling, but now she looked angry.Adelle said to Lisa, “Sounds like you’ve got more important things to do than watch some kid bellyflop.”Before Lisa […]

  • Update about In Life

    Some of you may have wondered what was happening with my free fiction piece, “In Life.” I’m happy to tell you that I’m still working on it, but there’s something I’d like to share with you. It will still be free, but once it’s finished, it will be published on Smashwords instead of on this […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 30 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. As I approached the door, I felt nervous.What if somebody, either the man who would later be accused of killing Lisa, or some other guest, took a dislike to one of the kids? I could hardly protect them.I told myself not to be silly.I knocked on the door.It opened, […]

  • Writing Science Fiction – Revisited

    There’s much more to sci-fi than science. On this day last year, I wrote a post about writing sci-fi. Rather than reposting it, I’m going to rewrite it. Science is important, but it’s not everything. Chances are, your characters don’t live and breathe science on a daily basis. Even the ones that do will still […]

  • In Life – Part 15 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. “The floors above ground are public,” Red says as she opens the palace door. “This is the hall.” I step in and see a rectangular room with a bare wood floor. Tables and chairs are stacked against the left-hand wall. There’s no art on the walls, no chandeliers hanging […]

  • Check out Time Gone By

    Last July, I started writing some science fiction. Twenty-nine story parts later, I’m still writing “Time Gone By.” I’ve put all the links to the blog posts and the podcast episodes in one place.

  • Time Gone By – Part 29 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. Before any of us could say a word, a different server rushed up to Adelle’s table. “Good evening,” she said. “Are you ready to order?” I thought Adelle was going to send her away, but she smiled frostily and said, “Sam, do you know what you’re having?” He did, […]

  • In Life – Part 14 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. In life. When they use their 3D printer, people get in life. I remember asking what the noise was last night. The printer. It must have been the 3D printer, bringing Goldensword Harvestmoon in life. I’m sure I can ask, but I don’t want to talk to anyone. I […]

  • In Life – Part 13 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. I follow Red through the opening in the wall and out into the sunshine. We’re on a path that appears to be made of some kind of stones. On either side of it, there are trees and bushes. In front of us, there’s a low, wooden building, and Red […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 28 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. We swam until it was time for lunch. The hotel restaurant was quite busy, and we had to wait for a table. “I’m starving,” Freckles said. “Me too,” Lydia said. “No you’re not,” Sammy said. “Starving means you don’t ever get any food.” “It does mean you don’t have […]

  • In Life – Part 12 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. “What time do you need to go back downstairs?” Grace asks. “Not until about ten.” “Oh good. I haven’t talked frankly with anybody except Peter and the kids since before we moved here.” “I don’t understand.” “My customers are wonderful, but if they knew, they might not be.” “If […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 27 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. Unfortunately, swimming didn’t last long. We’d all been enjoying ourselves for about fifteen minutes, when two boys about Curly’s age entered the pool area. Behind them, there was a blonde woman whom I took to be their mom. Freckles was climbing up onto the diving board, and I was […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 26 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. “I’d like to be up there,” Curly said in a low voice. “On her diving board?” I asked. He shook his head and pointed. High up on the third floor of the house, right above where the diving board was, there was a balcony. “You could see people diving […]

  • Podcast!

    Yesterday, I shared a post from the WordPress.com blog about podcasting with Anchor. Now I’ve got my very own podcast. It’s all about my free fiction. So far, I’ve created one episode, which is the first part of my science fiction story “Time Gone By.” Once I have podcasting figured out, I’ll probably create a […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 25 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. “Where should we eat?” I asked. “McDonald’s,” Sammy said. The rest of us shook our heads. “Why do you always do that?” Sammy said, giving me an accusing look. “Do what?” “Ask where we want to eat but never listen to me.” “Because we don’t all want to go […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 24 – Science Fiction

    Time Gone By – Part 24 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. The drive to the airport was a long one, and by the time we arrived, I was thoroughly sick of hearing Freckles ask, “Are we there yet?” As I stepped out of the van, I had the strange feeling that my phone was going to ring and it would […]

  • Need a Distraction? I offer free fiction on this website

    Since starting in April 2020, I’ve finished five pieces of free fiction, and two are in progress. All of them can be found on my fiction page. To help you decide which one to read first, here are short descriptions of all of them. The Choice Rita hates her job, and an e-mail she receives […]

  • In Life – Part 11 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. The sounds aren’t getting any louder or closer. My phone is somewhere on the floor in the dark, and I don’t want to take the chance of getting up and trying to find it. Time passes, but I have no idea how much. I lie awake, unwilling to take […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 23 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. “What’s that?” Freckles asked, pointing to the steering wheel of the old car which had been mounted on the wall beside the dashboard. Something that looked like an electical spark was moving slowly around. “I don’t really know, but it’s not dangerous. I can put my hands all over […]

  • In Life – Part 10 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. Thud! My eyes fly open. It’s dark. Thudda chugga whoosh. I sit up on the couch and look around, but I can’t see anything. Chugga whoosh thud! What’s going on? I grope for the end table. Where is my phone? Is there a burglar in here? I touch the […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 22 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. Louisa took a small red device from her pocket and pressed a button. A man’s voice filled the room. “This is Radio United States, the only radio you need, and the only one there is. “News report. “Not much has happened recently. We’ve put down a few dogs, but […]

  • In Life – Part 9 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. The pizza is wonderful, but I’ll have to go on a diet for the next year to offset the calories consumed. I’m also disappointed that the quadruplets don’t allow me to meet their parents. Purple takes a tray up to them, and I don’t hear anything they say, because […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 21 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. I shook my head. “No. We’re not going to LA.” “But you have to—” I held up my hand. “Stop right there. I’m responsible for four children, five cats, and two dogs. We’re not going to LA.” “I want to go in the time machine,” Freckles said. “No you […]

  • In Life – Part 8 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. The next screen asks for eye and hair color. “Blue eyes and blond hair.” If I imagine marrying somebody, it’s a man with blue eyes and blond hair. Blue taps the relevant buttons. A large green START button appears at the bottom of the screen. Interesting. I’m about to […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 20 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. My phone beeped. “Do you mind if I check to see who’s texting?” Louisa gestured for me to go ahead. I took the phone from my purse, being careful that the package of cigarettes didn’t show. Stacey: I’m leaving him. I’m at the airport now. Mom: What’s going on? […]

  • In Life – Part 7 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. Today’s the day. It’s the first Saturday in August, I know how to turn on a computer and do some basic things, but I don’t know if I’m going to accept the quadruplets’ invitation. I stand in front of my closet, unsure of what to wear. If I don’t […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 19 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. “Freckles, no!” He ignored me and dashed through a gap in the fence we were passing. “Freckles!” I yelled. “Come back here right now! We’re not allowed in there.” Beside me, Lydia stopped pulling the wagon and looked at the hole in the fence. It was definitely time for […]

  • In Life – Part 6 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. The next two weeks pass by in obscurity. I have nothing to do all day long. Worse still, I don’t feel like doing much, but I know Aunt Bev would not approve of this idleness. She’s left me her home, her money, and her legacy of love, but I’m […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 18 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. The next morning, I asked Curly what he’d like to do to remember Popeye. “I guess we can’t go to camp, right?” “Not back to our camp site, but we could go hiking in the area around there.” “What about the kittens and TJ?” “I think we can leave […]

  • In Life – Part 5 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. Later that morning, I meet Adam at the church. We arrange Aunt Bev’s funeral for a Monday so that her friends from the salon won’t have to take a day off. I dread going home and calling Becky, but I know I have to. She doesn’t go to church, […]

  • Cover Reveal: Time Gone By

    Time Gone By A free science fiction story. Right here. Lydia’s in charge of her four grandchildren for three weeks. They’re going camping and mostly having a good time, but… Somebody has invented a time machine. And has seen a terrifying glimpse of the future. A ruthless man will stop at nothing to take over […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 17 – Science Fiction

    “That little doggie isn’t even big enough to eat solid food yet,” I said. “By the time he is, he’ll love the cats and not want to hurt them, let alone eat them.” “That’s right,” the woman behind the counter said. “So if you’re sure, then you can take them all home now.” “We are, […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 16 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. “What?!” Stacey screamed into my ear for the second time that day. I was starting to get a headache. “We lose our jobs and then he goes on a shopping spree? What did he buy and when?” “Calm down,” I said. “All of these transactions were made before you […]

  • In Life – Part 4 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. There’s hardly any traffic on the way home. As soon as I walk through the front door, I take off my shoes, go to my room, change into my old pyjamas, and lie down on my bed. It’s not late but I’m through with the day. The problem is […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 15 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. “What?!” Stacey screamed into my ear. “Vincent! What a . . .” She swore blisteringly and then said, “Sorry Mom. I guess I’d better tell Chuck. I guess we’ll have to see if we can change our flight.” “Rushing back here won’t help, and it’s probably exactly what he […]

  • In Life – Part 3 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. The truck’s engine won’t start, so I’m going to be stuck here for a while. I see a woman talking on a cell phone and wish I had one. While she can call wherever she’s going and explain she’s stuck in traffic, I have to sit here and wait […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 14 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. I was not looking forward to the conversaton I was going to have with Sammy when it was his turn to help me. It wouldn’t be until dinner, so I would just have to get through the day. We’d just eaten breakfast when my phone rang. I looked at […]

  • In Life – Part 2 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. I make myself a fancy lunch because I don’t know what else to do, and I’ve just gone into the bathroom when the phone rings. I hurry and make it to the phone by about the twelfth ring. “Alexis!” It’s Amanda, my best friend in the whole wide world. […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 13 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. The next few days passed by quickly. We all had a lot of fun together, except for Sammy. When we were at camp, he stayed in the boys’ tent. When we went out, he stayed in the van if at all possible. He did dishes when it was his […]

  • In Life – Part 1 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

    This is a work of fiction. “I’m not feeling well,” Aunt Bev says. We’re sitting at the kitchen table, and I’m eating toast, but she hasn’t touched hers. “Are you going to call in sick?” I ask. She works at a salon doing people’s nails. Me? I can’t stand the feeling of stuff on my […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 12 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. As soon as we arrived, Sienna wasted no time in asking her question. Lydia watched in something like awe as Sienna walked right up to the young (in his thirties) man at the gate. “Hi. I’m Sienna. Are you hurting the environment chopping down all these trees for firewood?” […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 11 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. By the time the others returned, it was time for Andy to take Steven and Dan back to their cabin for one last night. The rest of us walked over to Emily and Andy’s camp site and the older kids and I helped to put up Emily’s tent. Once […]

  • What is my free fiction about?

    I’ve been talking a lot about free fiction lately, but I’ve neglected to write “About the Story” blurbs for most of the pieces I’ve posted. To correct that oversight, here they are. Once you find one you like the sound of, click the link above to be taken to the page with links to all […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 10 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. “Oops,” Andy said.“What?” Dan said.“I forgot we still have the cabin tonight, so we don’t need to move to the camp site until tomorrow.”“That’s okay,” Emily said. “We need it tonight.”“Oh, right. So who’s riding with who?”“Can you come with us?” Dan asked Freckles.“No,” Sammy said. “Freckles rides with […]

  • Fun with Free Fiction

    Back in April, I launched free short fiction on this site with The Choice. That piece was short, but over the months since, I’ve started writing longer pieces. Both finished stories and pieces in progress can be found on my Fiction page. As of this writing, the story called Lockdown has almost come to an […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 9 – Science Fiction

    People might be wondering where the “science” part is in this story. It’s coming, but I’m not sure when. This is a work of fiction. We spent a while preparing the spaghetti with meatballs (everyone agreed that chopped up hamburger patties were a great meatball substitute), and we also made pancakes, hashbrowns, and all the […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 8 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. By dinnertime, everybody had something on their needles, and it had stopped raining. While Lydia helped me with the dishes, the boys ran around, burning off the energy they hadn’t been able to use up that day. I woke up at midnight, and on my way back to my […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 7 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. I didn’t let the boys sleep in, and at first, I took Freckles’s silence for tiredness. Therefore, I was expecting him to complain loudly when I asked him to help with the dishes, but he didn’t. “Grandma,” he said, “can I talk to you about something?” “Yes, of course.” […]

  • What I Plan to Do This December

    On December 1, 2019, I posted this summary of my NaNoWriMo 2019 accomplishments. On December 1, 2020, I plan to add revising “On Ice,” the science fiction novel I wrote, to my work schedule. About “On Ice.”This isn’t an official blurb or anything, but I wanted to give you an idea of what it’s about.It’s […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 6 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. “What are we doing now?” Freckles asked. “Let’s all go for a hike.” “I need a nap,” Sammy said. “Can I stay here?” “Yes, but are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” “I can’t have a nap if I’m hiking, can I?” “No, but it might […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 5 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. It was Lydia’s turn to help with the dishes. While the boys ran around, burning off breakfast, Lydia washed and I dried. “I heard them,” she said. “What did you hear, and whom?” “Benjamin, Samuel, and David.” She stopped talking and scrubbed vigorously at something that was cooked onto […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 4 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. At 5:15, Lydia and I approached the camp site. As we did, I heard the boys laughing. Good, they were having fun. Then I heard what sounded like some weird electronic noises. We came out into the grassy area where the tents were, and I saw all three boys […]

  • Time Gone By – Part 3 – Science Fiction

    This is a work of fiction. The car was quiet as I drove out of the city half an hour later. At first, the boys had talked a little, but that had petered out after about fifteen minutes. I guessed they were all too full from breakfast. Suddenly, Lydia let out a small cry. “What […]

  • Science Fiction

    Because it’s May 4, I want to talk about science fiction, even though this post has nothing to do with Star Wars. In November 2019, my NaNoWriMo novel was a sci-fi story called On Ice. It’s still in the freezer, waiting for me to take it out and revise it, but while it’s coming up […]