Cover Reveal: Time Gone By

cover image of Time Gone By by Hyacinth Grey

Time Gone By

A free science fiction story.

Right here.

Lydia’s in charge of her four grandchildren for three weeks. They’re going camping and mostly having a good time, but…

Somebody has invented a time machine.

And has seen a terrifying glimpse of the future.

A ruthless man will stop at nothing to take over time itself and change events to suit him and his friends.

And who are his friends?

Visit this link and read Time Gone By as it’s written.

Cover designed by DC Cover Creations.

Animations by Morgan Wright.

Time Gone By is a slow-burn story.
Discover what happens as Hyacinth writes it.

For even more free fiction, visit Fiction.

Published by Hyacinth Grey

I'm a new Indie Author, and my book, Wounded Bride, is the first in a hard-boiled detective series. I love to read, and at the moment, I'm really into nonfiction. I like most topics, but am not very interested in politics.

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