In Life – Part 4 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

This is a work of fiction. There’s hardly any traffic on the way home. As soon as I walk through the front door, I take off my shoes, go to my room, change into my old pyjamas, and lie down on my bed. It’s not late but I’m through with the day. The problem isContinue reading “In Life – Part 4 – Sci-Fi Fantasy”

In Life – Part 2 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

This is a work of fiction. I make myself a fancy lunch because I don’t know what else to do, and I’ve just gone into the bathroom when the phone rings. I hurry and make it to the phone by about the twelfth ring. “Alexis!” It’s Amanda, my best friend in the whole wide world.Continue reading “In Life – Part 2 – Sci-Fi Fantasy”

In Life – Part 1 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

This is a work of fiction. “I’m not feeling well,” Aunt Bev says. We’re sitting at the kitchen table, and I’m eating toast, but she hasn’t touched hers. “Are you going to call in sick?” I ask. She works at a salon doing people’s nails. Me? I can’t stand the feeling of stuff on myContinue reading “In Life – Part 1 – Sci-Fi Fantasy”

Time Gone By – Part 12 – Science Fiction

This is a work of fiction. As soon as we arrived, Sienna wasted no time in asking her question. Lydia watched in something like awe as Sienna walked right up to the young (in his thirties) man at the gate. “Hi. I’m Sienna. Are you hurting the environment chopping down all these trees for firewood?”Continue reading “Time Gone By – Part 12 – Science Fiction”

Time Gone By – Part 11 – Science Fiction

This is a work of fiction. By the time the others returned, it was time for Andy to take Steven and Dan back to their cabin for one last night. The rest of us walked over to Emily and Andy’s camp site and the older kids and I helped to put up Emily’s tent. OnceContinue reading “Time Gone By – Part 11 – Science Fiction”

What is my free fiction about?

I’ve been talking a lot about free fiction lately, but I’ve neglected to write “About the Story” blurbs for most of the pieces I’ve posted. To correct that oversight, here they are. Once you find one you like the sound of, click the link above to be taken to the page with links to allContinue reading “What is my free fiction about?”

Time Gone By – Part 10 – Science Fiction

This is a work of fiction. “Oops,” Andy said.“What?” Dan said.“I forgot we still have the cabin tonight, so we don’t need to move to the camp site until tomorrow.”“That’s okay,” Emily said. “We need it tonight.”“Oh, right. So who’s riding with who?”“Can you come with us?” Dan asked Freckles.“No,” Sammy said. “Freckles rides withContinue reading “Time Gone By – Part 10 – Science Fiction”