5 Reasons to Start Writing Right Now

1. Writing is a fun and safe activity during COVID-19. Even if your children don’t read yet, they can dictate a story and you can write it down for them. 2. If you have a story in mind but are afraid of it, don’t be. Put it to paper or screen. Make those memories nowContinue reading “5 Reasons to Start Writing Right Now”

3 Reasons to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Today

Don’t need reasons to subscribe to YouTube channels? Hyacinth Grey’s YouTube Channel 3. My videos are short. You’ll never fall asleep watching hours of boring footage. I try for under a minute. 2. Be among the first to read some of my haiku poetry before I post it on this blog. 1. I love toContinue reading “3 Reasons to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Today”

In Life – Part 3 – Sci-Fi Fantasy

This is a work of fiction. The truck’s engine won’t start, so I’m going to be stuck here for a while. I see a woman talking on a cell phone and wish I had one. While she can call wherever she’s going and explain she’s stuck in traffic, I have to sit here and waitContinue reading “In Life – Part 3 – Sci-Fi Fantasy”

Need a Thriller? check out Wounded Bride

Wounded Bride is my first book and was self-published with FriesenPress in January 2020. Check out the info and get your copy today! About the Book The city of Chicago is relentless. Murders and other violent crimes pile up: a woman lies in the hospital in a coma, a man is brutally attacked in hisContinue reading “Need a Thriller? check out Wounded Bride”

Time Gone By – Part 14 – Science Fiction

This is a work of fiction. I was not looking forward to the conversaton I was going to have with Sammy when it was his turn to help me. It wouldn’t be until dinner, so I would just have to get through the day. We’d just eaten breakfast when my phone rang. I looked atContinue reading “Time Gone By – Part 14 – Science Fiction”